I would run 275.1 miles…

Hello to anyone who has accidentally or on purpose found themselves reading this.

I am new to the blog writing scene, but a few months ago, I decided it would be a good idea to run a marathon on every continent within a year. The crazy thoughts have somehow become a reality and I have signed up to run eight marathons (and five half marathons) in eight months, one on each of the six land based continents and a couple of extras thrown in for good luck (because eight marathons in eight months sounds better than six, right?!) In total that equals 275.1 race miles, plus a hell of a lot of training miles on top of that.

During my marathon mission I will be fundraising for two incredibly deserving charities- the British Lung Foundation and Tearfund.

Unfortunately the Antarctica marathon (yes it does exist!!) is fully booked for the next three years, so I will have to save that one for my mid-life crisis!

My marathons and route around the world is detailed below:

1)      North America – New York – 6th November 2016

2)      Central America – Costa Rica – 4th December 2016

3)      Europe – Seville, Spain – 19th February 2017

4)      Australasia– Canberra, Australia – 9th April 2017

5)      Asia – Borneo – 7th May 2017

6)      Home leg – Liverpool – 28th May 2017

7)      South America – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 18th June 2017

8)      Africa – The Big Five Marathon, South Africa – 24th June 2017


In addition, I will be running the following half marathons:

1)      Windsor half marathon

2)      401 “virtual” half marathon

3)      Poppy half marathon

4)      Worthing half marathon

5)      Hampton Court Palace


In this blog, I hope to tell you all about my adventures running around the world, no gory details spared!


Erin x


PS Here is the link to my fundraising page if anyone is feeling generous…